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METANOA Social Service and Commerce

METANOA will enable users to interact with each other and enjoy shopping in our virtual space.

METANOA Core Services

  • Registration of Virtual Store: Users can launch their own virtual stores and integrate their blockchain wallets to the stores. Users can list and sell various products in their venue. Also, they can provide online customers service and issue online coupons as well.
  • Product reviews and comments: Users can leave reviews and comments on the products that they purchased. In return, they receive NOA tokens for participating in the platform.
  • Posting and Voting: Users can freely post contents and others can vote in favor or against the post.
  • Curation: Based on what users purchased or searched, our platform curates products that they might be interested in.
Our NFT application offers easy-to-use editing tool that enables individual creators to produce various contents with AR technology. Creators will be rewarded according to the number of users that respond to their contents.
< Metahuman using volumetric 3D SCAN >
METANOA produces metahuman asset with its volumetric 3D scan and patented software solution. With Metahuman assets, creators can create high-quality 3D motion videos that can be stored and transferred in form of NFT.

• META Power Protocol

META Power Protocol interacts with existing social platforms to maximize user purchases and benefits.