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METANOA Architecture

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  • NOA Sidechain: NFT Ownership, Copyright, Neighborhood Proof Method, Secondary Copyright Management, Payment Settlement, Fees, Compensation
NOA Sidechain: NFT Ownership, Copyright, Neighborhood Proof Method, Secondary Copyright Management, Payment Settlement, Fees, Compensation
As various services based on the Ethereum blockchain such as decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT) proliferates, limitation of Ethereum such as high transaction fee and low throughput became much problematic. That said, layer 2 technology that enhances scalability of Ethereum gained much attention.
NOA will use layer 2 technology to provide high quality user experience with enhanced performance. Also, for user convenience, we will support cross-chain interoperability. Therefore, digital assets of NOA can be transferred from one blockchain to another.
Other than transfer of digital assets, we will be using blockchain technology to track ownership of them as well as identify and analyze historical consumer data. Also, because these data are immutable due to nature of blockchain, anyone can trust and rely on these data. We expect third parties to leverage these data that are available to the public to make much insightful market decisions.
NOA increases the liquidity of NFTs and NOA tokens as it increases the community's access to NFTs that span large numbers of blockchains. In the case of large-volume transmissions and transactions, users can also transact on long-tested networks such as Ethereum, which has high security, but takes more time and cost for flaws in the onchain.

METANOA Wallet & Payment

The Interface Layer is composed of functions necessary to expand the functions of the NOA platform and meet the requirements. It expands the basic function of the blockchain that connects the blockchain with actual services, maintains the stability of the main-net, and provides the environment of the components.
A real-life contract requires a variety of information, such as coin prices in exchanges, NFT contents, and product information and prices in shopping malls. When retrieving data outside the blockchain, it is necessary to check the accuracy of the information, and to take exceptional handling when it is judged that the information is incorrect.
NOA Wallet is provided to Dapp users using the METANOA blockchain and is NOA's multi-wallet that is connected to NFT transactions and shopping. With the support of smart contract swap with other coins, it is possible to support transactions of various coins.
  • Authentication Module: This module supports single user authentication within the ecosystem
  • Wallet Module: This module creates and manages blockchain wallets supported by METANOA Platform
  • External Data Collector Bot: The bot acts as oracle feed that collects data such as prices of cryptocurrency on different exchanges, market keywords and so on. Also, it provides data that are essential in making decisions within the NOA system.
  • Push Daemon: It makes crucial alarms and notifications if necessary.